Laurent was born in 1978 in Saint Quentin, Picardy. Though much of his childhood was spent in the Tarn region, after qualifying as a Master  Engineer in Computer Systems, he subsequently decided to settle in Toulouse, starting his own business at the age of 25.

After one of his many trips to Barcelona - a city he loves, he found anew his passion for
photography. Although his first engagements with photography began when he was a teenager, due to difficulties at that time he had to put his passion for photography aside for a while. But he never lost his love for the techniques used, and the expressionism available within the art of photography. Even though self-taught, he immersed himself in dozens of books, awaiting the time when he could again engage fully with photography. 

This constant gathering of knowledge and experience, proved critical later when he returned and began working professionally as a photographer in 2015.
Nowadays he works mainly with models, but he is also captivated by landscape and ‘street’ photography. His style is predominantly soft and natural, rarely dark or quirky. The aesthetics of his works’ capture a sense that emotion can be tangible and perceptible within photography.

Laurent is inspired by the masters Lucien Clergue, Jean Francois Jonvelle,Jean Loup Sieff.
Though more recently the works of Ruslan Lovanov, Corwin Prescott, Fomento and Fomento and Nicolas Guerin inspire him, to name a few.

Whilst having a clear individual ‘presence and identity’ as a photographer, Laurent continues to explore and investigate, always pushing to extend his creativity and practice in order to keep his work fresh and original.

 “L'érotisme tient dans ce sein qu'on ne saurait voir.”  

— Jean-François Jonvelle


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